A Kid Like Jake: A Review

With so much time on my hands, I have added dozens of movies and shows saved on my List of things to watch on Netflix. I have been binge-watching everything I possibly can. Yesterday, I saw a new movie added on there called A Kid Like Jake

If you haven’t watched the movie, please don’t read on any further. I am planning on talking about the parenting that takes place in this movie and the relationship dynamics between the parents and Jake. 

The movie itself is slow moving. It’s a drama that consists of a lot of dialogue. Although the movie is about four-year old Jake and his gender non-conformity, you seldom see little Jake throughout the movie. Mostly you are looking at the relationship between the parents and how they are dealing with the stress of their home life while they are trying to get their son into private school. 

I did like the idea of this movie. I don’t think there are enough movies or shows out there to address the gender boxes we put our children in, specifically boys. Some parents see a boy playing with a barbie, or wanting to wear a dress and they panic, they try and “shut it down” and discourage that kind of behaviour.


Because a lot of people think that boys liking things that society has decided are meant for girls means that they themselves want to be girls. They fear it is a sign that their son will be gay, and despite how they felt outside of that moment, whether they are accepting of homosexuals or the LGBTQ+ community, it is different when it is their child. 


I can’t speak for these people. I can only speak on situations I’ve seen or existed in. It isn’t that these parents have anything against people who identify outside of their born sex, or love people society, although way more encompassing and accepting now, don’t necessarily think they should love. I think it’s because every parent has a dream for their child. They have a vision of how their lives will play out. They see their son as someone who will grow to be a good man they can be proud of, one who will fall in love and give them babies. Most times, that vision is a boy/girl relationships. Our minds have just been hardwired by the world we live in to see it that way. 

Seeing their son dress outside the norm, love fairytales and envision himself as the damsel in distress as opposed to the heroic prince may cause them to subconsciously mourn the idea they had of their child. The life they had planned for him. 

In A Kid Like Jake both his mother and his father (played by Claire Danes and Jim Parsons) seem so comfortable with his personality in the beginning of the movie. It leads you to be believe that the conflict in the film will be with the parents and the outside world. 

Instead, the personality of Jake is brought up to his mother by a friend, Judy (played by Octavia Spencer) of hers who also is the director at his pre-school. She mentions his unique view of the world, his interests and how he doesn’t feel restricted by gender-norms. She then suggests she should use this information to help Jake stand out on his private school applications as they are always looking for diversity. 

Jake’s mother acts as though she has been taken completely by surprise and like she is hurt by her friend’s words. Her reaction had me disliking her character through the rest of the movie. 

As a parent, as a new parent, there is nothing more important to me than my child’s happiness. If my daughter is happy covered head to toe in mud, then I will let her play in the mud. If she is happy wearing rain boots every day, rain or shine, accompanied with a tutu and a wizard’s hat, than that is what she will wear. As long as she isn’t hurting anyone, her happiness comes above all else. 

I do understand being protective when the subject of your child’s sexuality comes up, like at one point in the movie where poor Jake is called a ‘Flag’ by another kid at his fifth birthday party. What I don’t understand is being so closed off.

A conversation comes up in the middle of the movie. Greg and Alex (Claire Danes and Jim Parsons) are out to dinner with a friend of Alex’s who’s son is friends with Jake (Priyanka Chopra) and her date (Aasif Mandvi) and he asks the table about Caitlyn Jenner. He said he had heard in an interview that she is still interested in women and asks if this makes Caitlyn a lesbian. Alex gets upset when he said the reason he brought it up was because when Greg and Alex had stepped away from the table to take a call, they had spoken about Jake. 

I had expected her to stand up for Jake. To tell them that he was unique and wonderful and he would be wonderful whether it was wearing a dress or wearing overalls. Instead she buckled. She was flustered and went home to blame their parenting with Jake, as though if they had made different choices, they would have a different Jake. 

I felt bad for Greg throughout the movie. You see glimpses of him when he is truly happy and it is moments where he is watching Alex and Jake play together. he is supportive and receptive, and he tries to support Alex in all her day to day choices and life but you can tell she often bulldozes over him which leads to him keeping a lot of his thoughts and opinions to himself. 

It’s definitely a movie worth watching, although I do feel like the movie should have revolved a little more around Jake. The relationship between his parents are important because it explains some of his pent up frustrations and aggressive behaviour, but we never really hear from Jake why he loves it all so much, why he prefers to be a princess than a prince and I think that would have really opened up a lot of eyes to why some people make certain choices. 

My daughter is young. There is still a lot of time before she learns to understand who she is. I think that in today’s society it is important for all parents to let their children know they can come to them with anything and we won’t judge or suppress them. We need to encourage them to be who makes them most happy so long as we also encourage them to be good people. 

Kindness and love, everything else is up to her. 

If you get a chance I would suggest watching the movie. Although it wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be, I am hoping that if the movie gets enough support, it will open the door to more movies and shows like this one that open our eyes into different people’s hearts and how they love and feel. 

Diaper Blowouts: Is There Any Way To Avoid This Messy Situation?!

A newborn baby’s poop is a dark green, tar-like substance called meconium. It is sticky, icky, and takes some intense wiping to get off the skin. Despite how difficult it is to get off your loved one’s cute behind, it is quite minimal and it can fool first time parents into thinking the diaper situation may not be as bad as you thought.

In about a week, that meconium turns into liquid poop that fills a diaper faster than you thought possible.

At our baby shower, we received quite a few packs of newborn diapers. We weren’t fussy over the brands, we were just happy to have something else checked off the list, especially something we knew would be an ongoing expense.

The newborn diapers are so cute and tiny, it’s hard to think your baby is every that small to fit into them.We had five different brands of diapers to try:

The Honest Company, Parent’s Choice, Comforts, Pampers, Huggie’s Little Snugglers, and Huggie’s Little Snugglers Plus.


A lot of things will factor in to the diapers parent’s choose. Price, ease of use, quality and quantity. I tried to take all these things into account when I purchased diapers for my daughter.

The Honest Company‘s diapers are extremely cute. They come in different designs, all the diapers in the pack varied in style from nautical with anchors and boats, farm themed with animals and barns, and other type of cute designs. As cute as these designs were, and as much as I loved seeing my daughter in them (especially since she is most comfortable in a diaper and nothing else) I had to stop myself from re-buying them for several reasons.

The first and most obvious reason was because these diapers aren’t available everywhere. I tend to do most of my shopping these days at Walmart and Costco, so if it can’t be bought there, in bulk, than I usually strike it from the list. The second reason was that although they are adorable, they don’t have the wetness indicator stripe which it a must for me. Having to peek into the diaper, or undo it to check if she needs a changing is uncomfortable for her, and usually resulted in a new diaper whether she needed one or not because of the tabs.

Parent’s Choice did have a wetness indicator strip, however I found the tabs didn’t always stay where I had fastened them. Also for whatever reason, once she peed (and she usually peed a lot) it would leak out by her legs, seeping into her clothes and wherever she was sitting. I nixed this brands pretty quick.

Comforts was a brand that was given to me for free at The Baby Show. They had a cute design with the alphabet and number blocks on them, and in all honesty they were pretty decent. I just had no idea where to buy them, so again I had to nix them from the list. Research proved that maybe they aren’t available in Canada.

The typical diaper debate usually boils down to Huggie’s vs. Pampers.

I tried both, and have had blowouts in both brands. (My daughter has managed to have a blowout in every brand mentioned above.)


The main reason I didn’t like Pampers was because of the way their diapers are constructed.

The inside of the diapers have this mesh. It separates from the diaper when my daughter pees and seemed to get embedded in her butt or her privates which resulted in an abrasion type rash.

My daughter’s comfort is always the main reason I will buy anything, and this was the only brand that caused her to have a rash or irritability. There were days when I had to peel that netting/mesh away from her butt when I changed her. Not sure what the design is for, but I saw this as a huge flaw.

Huggies is the brand of choice in our house.

I will say that there is a Little Snugglers and a Litle Snugglers Plus and between the two, there may seem like there is little difference but we felt like the differences were enough to bump the Snugglers off the list and stick with the Plus version.

Both have this super absorbant and soft interior that put this brand above all the other’s. When you opened up the diaper, you could see the difference from all the other’s before you even touched it.


Both also have this elastic at the back waistline that is supposed to capture any runaway poop that dare seep up the back (this is a nice thought, but one that didn’t really workout for us). They both have the wetness indicator stripe, and very cute Disney themed designs (Winnie the Pooh for the Snugglers, and Mickey Mouse for the Snugglers Plus).

What made the difference to us was two things. The Plus had the size indicator on the waistband. When you hit the orange, you know it’s time to move up.


The fit was the other selling point. When you hold these diapers up to one another, the Plus seems smaller, even though the weight for the sizes are the same. This is because it is a slimmer design that tends to hug a little better. We found this resulted in less blowouts (it didn’t eliminate them completely).

So to answer the question of whether or not it is possible to avoid blowouts all together? The answer would be no. Unfortunately there are far too many factors. I find there is a difference depending on where my daughter is, if she is sitting or lying down when she goes, whether her back is pressed against something, or how long it has been since she went the last time.

Blowouts are going to happen, and although the diapers can minimize how many you have, we have yet to find one that keeps all her business where it should be. I would suggest always making sure the diaper is on properly and running your fingers along your baby’s legs once the diaper is on to be sure the elastics around the thighs are in the right place.

Sorry parents, blowouts are going to happen even in the best diapers. I would say as important as it is to choose what diapers feel right and fit best, it’s also important to invest in a really good stain remover/pre-treatment!



Products I Can’t Do Without

As a new mom, bringing my daughter home was like stumbling around in the dark. I didn’t know what to expect, what she would need, how much time I would spend just existing with her in my arms.

There are a few products that have made my life infinitely easier. Ones that I didn’t think I would need so much, but know now that I can’t live without. Now, for those people reading who think I am getting paid to put all this stuff on here, no sir. These are things I have around my own house, things I had purchased for me by family or friends, or that I went out and got myself and they are things that I have used daily.

The first thing I have to put on the list because of how often I use it, is my baby carrier. The baby carrier was a super important thing for me because I am typically home by myself with my daughter all day and also have a fur baby that needs to go out on walks. Having to put her in the stroller, wait for the elevator with my dog and walk him (usually through the grass) with my stroller is not ideal. This is where having a carrier, and one you are comfortable with comes in handy.

I got the Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Carrier With Hood.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 5.50.04 PM

This was a gift from my best friend that I received at my baby shower. I also had one of those wrap ones, but my number one fear was that I would wrap my baby incorrectly and she would suffocate or something else would happen to her. Would I tie it too tight and she couldn’t breathe? Would I tie it too loose and she would fall out? I just wasn’t comfortable with that style of carrier (although they are heavily praised by moms).

I love that it is sturdy, when she is strapped it I really feel like she is strapped in. I love that it is machine washable, can be worn on your front or on your back when they are larger, and the cute little hood (which can easily be removed) did come in handy when it was windy out on our walks. There is also a pouch for your hands when it’s cold, although I usually use this pouch for poop bags, my phone, or my keys.

We use this carrier three or four times a day depending on my husband’s work schedule. I also use it when she is being fussy at home and wants to be in my arms, but I have things to do like chores.

The second most important thing in our house is our Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Cradle ‘n Swing.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 5.56.26 PM

$150 CAD

We got ours from Walmart and it is worth every cent.

Let’s start with what it does. It swings baby in two directions, back and forth or side to side. The overhead mirror is a fun distraction for baby and is the centre of three owls that can be set to rotate with the touch of a button. You can set the speed in which you want baby to swing. This in itself was a game-changer for me. I liked that I could set it to swing faster when I knew she was being fussy and slow it down then she fell asleep. And if that wasn’t enough for you, it also plays music.

Right now I have the tray off the front as my daughter is only 7 weeks old. She has no use for it just yet and it just gets in the way of me taking her in and out, which depending on her mood may need to be done quickly. When your baby is a little older, that tray will be great, as you can use the beads there to distract them when the mobile isn’t enough, or you can even use it for snacks when the swing isn’t in motion.

The seat can be set to three different points depending on baby’s age. It can be used up until 9 months I believe… not sure about the weight limit.

Another thing that made this swing a done deal for my husband and I was the fact that it can just be plugged into the wall as opposed to needing batteries. This just made sense to us because we don’t often have D batteries lying around the house and the idea of our swing dying mid-use when baby is fussy and you are home alone and just need a moment had me grinding my teeth.

The reviews for this weren’t the best, and honestly, I have no idea why. This swing has saved me from meltdowns when I have been walking the halls trying to soothe my daughter when she has gas and I have to pee or haven’t eaten.

The other reason why I love this swing is because she is off the floor. When I need to run to the bathroom, I like that she is out of reach from our fur baby. When she is fussy, his kisses don’t help as much as he thinks.

When we were visiting my in-laws on the East Coast, there wasn’t a single room that didn’t have a rocker or glider of some kind. My daughter got so used to being rocked, everyone would joke that we would be in trouble when we got home to our rocker-less apartment. Boy, I can’t tell you how right they were.

Unfortunately, some rockers can cost upwards of $1000, and I just couldn’t justify spending that much knowing how much my daughter will need. So away to Walmart we went.

There we found Graco’s Glider and Ottoman.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 6.10.48 PM

$199.97 CAD

It is only available in the one colour. The wood is a darker espresso than pictured and the cushions are a lighter beige colour.

I can’t tell you how quickly we rushed out after arriving back home to pick this chair up. Our daughter told us all too quickly that she was no longer happy sitting on the couch with me anymore, she wanted to be in motion, and she wanted it now!

All the cushions are removable. The armrests and back cushion can be thrown right in the washing machine and the seat cushion can be spot cleaned. The cushion on the ottoman can’t be removed at all so I would suggest with the light cover, putting something over it or scotch-guarding it.

The pouches on the sides are great too to throw your phone or the TV remote in for the moments where baby is sleeping and you can’t move from where you are sitting without waking them.

I don’t want to overwhelm you guys with products, so I have one other thing that for us was a must.

SkipHop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 6.25.29 PM

$40 CAD

This little elephant is a bedtime helper. My daughter, much like my husband and I, is a night owl. Usually when she lies down in bed she is hesitant to drift off to sleep, especially if I want to go down before 11:00pm.

This little elephant plays music and has a number of other noises like rainforest, ocean waves, and even a heartbeat soundtrack that makes her think she is still in my tummy. Aside from that, it is a nightlight, the whole underbelly glowing softly which helps me during those late-night diaper changes or maneuvering her so I can breastfeed.

The trunk works as a projector and projects a stars and moons on the ceiling. This is the feature I am most thankful for. My daughter stares at them, and it tends to keep her quiet when she rouses in the night or when she refuses to go down to sleep right away. Before I was using it she would fuss and cry right away, but there have been several times a night when I look at her and she is bright-eyed, wide awake just staring at those stars.

This has definitely helped me get more sleep than I would without it.

I would say a lot of the other baby items we have accumulated in this short time we could easily do without, but these are ones I simply can’t get through the day without using and they have made our lives so much easier.

The other lifesaver has been my breast pump but I am going to do a seperate post just about breast pumps for those of you that aren’t sure which one is right for you.

These are just products that worked for me and my family. Every family is different and every baby likes different things. In terms of swings, I would maybe try out a few, see if you can borrow from friends to see which baby likes best. Knowing that my daughter tends to be a little picky with what she will calmly sit in, I bought from Walmart because you can return absolutely anything with a receipt, no questions asked. I figured if the swing didn’t work, I could always bring it back (however I did try another gliding type chair by fisher price as well as a vibrating one that didn’t work as well, and we knew she loved the motion of a swing from the rockers and gliders).

Finding the right products to make your life easier will definitely help keep you from feeling overwhelmed and help you get a few moments to yourself which is great for a new mom and her mental health.


Social Media and Your Baby

We just returned from a two-week stay with my in-laws on the East Coast. This was a great trip. We got to introduce Sunshine to our family and friends, she got to spend a lot of one on one time with her grandparents and uncles. We even got her baptized.

Having so much family and friends around was a big help to me as well. It gave me a chance to really sleep. Do you remember the kind of sleep where you can completely turn your mind off, where you can take up as much of the bed as you want and move about freely? Well, I got a few hours of that in a day.

It also just gave me time to exist on my own. My husband only took two weeks off from work after I gave birth to Sunshine, which meant after that I spent a lot of the day with her on my own. My daughter loves to be held, so this often meant that I barely had enough time to run to the bathroom and pee before she would start fussing again.

With the all the people at my in-laws dropping in for visits, not to mention nana and papa Gus, and her two uncles, I could actually sit on my own. I could eat, have a cup of coffee or tea, or read through the news without wondering when my time would be cut short and I would have to pick her up again.

At this stage in Sunshine’s life, she in unable to self-soothe. So letting her cry it out isn’t an option.

It was a nice break.

Sure, there were things that I didn’t love. I didn’t love living out of suitcases and not having my own space and time where I could just do whatever I wanted without worrying if people were wondering where I was or what I was doing. All of that were things I could shrug off, telling myself that in a short while I would be home again wondering where all the time went, so I should enjoy the little things.

One of the things that really got under my skin though, was people and their links to social media.

In this day and age, people are constantly snapping photos and taking videos. Viral videos are posted every single day of people the poster doesn’t even know. All of this is amplified when there is a baby around. People love babies and they love snapping photos of them, and taking videos.

I don’t mind people taking photos with my baby, what I do mind is people posting photos of my daughter without my permission.

On our trip, I spent most of the time with my in-laws and my brother in-laws new girlfriend. She was sweet, and I didn’t have anything against her, but she took a lot of photos of my daughter. That alone was odd to me because she and my brother-in-law have been dating less than a year. It was a little soon for her to be filling up her phone storage with photos of my baby.

However, I can totally understand baby fever, hell, I went through it myself.

What bothered me was later when I asked my husband to see photos that had been taken that day and he told me they were on her Instagram.

She had posted photos of my daughter to her Instagram, not just one or two, but upwards of thirty without even asking me if it was okay.

This bothered me. A lot.

I work with children, so maybe that is what makes the lines of what is and what isn’t appropriate so defined in my book. I am the kind of person who doesn’t take pictures of other people’s kids. If I had, it was to share with their parents through personal email, not through social media. Even the photos I take with the kids in my own family I never post on social media, I wouldn’t even dream of it. If I had, I would have asked my sister or brother if that was okay first.

So to me, this was brazen. This was ballsy for someone who had never met me before, someone I wasn’t close to and who was still skating on thin ice with me because we didn’t have a relationship that was in any way established.

I think for people who don’t work with kids or aren’t parents themselves, they don’t realize how standoff-ish we can be when it comes to children in our care, especially our own! This made me feel violated and had me questioning this woman and who she thought she was.

However, I had just met her and had she been dating my husband’s other brother I would have addressed this with him right away but conversations with the brother she was dating always felt forced and my wording was always somewhat scripted in my head.

I am not on Facebook or Instagram personally. I am not the kind of person who posts things constantly, and even if I was and I did, it is every bit my right as a parent to decide what is posted of my child, when and where.

In this age where social media is at everyone’s fingertips and almost second nature, I can understand why someone would post something without thinking, but with children, I would always tiptoe to the side of caution.

Advice I would give to new parents is to voice your rules and regulations in regards to your children at any event where you know photos would be taken. If you see someone taking a picture of your baby or child, let them know you are uncomfortable with any of those pictures ending up on social media. Do this right away, because if you are like me and you wait to voice your views and feelings to your husband until you are sitting in the airport waiting for your flight home, it becomes harder to address and undo.

I post photos of my daughter on this blog and on the twitter account affiliated with this blog. As her mom, that is something I debated whether or not I would do when I started this blog.

I think it’s important for parents to sit down and discuss social media, it’s reaches and whether or not you are comfortable with your children being online.

My comfort level is not overly high… I find with older generations, it is hard to limit an overzealous grandparent from posting every photo on their facebook page. It’s a comfort to know they are only sharing it with their 30 or so facebook friends (mostly family), most of which don’t know how to re-share those photos. I had accepted the grandparents would share photos of my daughter, but outside my husband and I, and our parents, I hadn’t thought I would have to limit other people.

The issues that arise with parenting are so different now than they were ten years ago. The internet is playing a larger and larger part in our kid’s lives and it’s important not to forget about that. A lot of things can’t be undone once they are online. You tweet or post something that gets shared by the right person, and that will be circulating forever.

It kind of makes you miss the days of polaroids, photo albums and phone calls.

Travelling With a Newborn

For any Canadians that follow my blog, or for those who pop in for a read but don’t necessarily follow, you know how ridiculously expensive it is to fly across The Great White North. Considering you can get across Europe for fractions of the price, it seems ridiculous to spend $500+ on plane tickets just to get us a few provinces over… IN THE SAME COUNTRY! However, my husband’s family lives on the East Coast, so we made the trip.

When booking our plane tickets out, we tried to co-ordinate with my husband’s brother as he was flying over to Nova Scotia from Alberta the same day and we were all planning on taking the two hour drive from Halifax airport to my in-laws together. His flight was landing in Nova Scotia at 7:00am I think, so we tried to get an early flight so he wouldn’t be waiting as long. The earliest we could get was a 7:40am flight out of Toronto Pearson Airport.

For those of you who don’t know, and haven’t flown in or out of Pearson, it’s a nightmare. There is a tram connecting three giant terminals. Each terminal is usually packed with people with lines that take forever to go through.

Just to set the mood for you guys, I was travelling with my newborn who was five weeks at the time. We were also travelling with our moody dog and a butt-load of luggage to last us the two weeks visit.

Babies need a lot of stuff. Bottle warmers, breast pumps, creams, receiving blankets… it all takes up a lot of space. Because of this, we couldn’t just take a regular cab to the airport, we had to take a van cab at 5:00am in the morning. Doesn’t seem too hard, right? Well, I forgot to mention that in Toronto, there aren’t as many van cabs on duty, particularly this early in the morning. Not to mention, there are a lot of drivers that refuse to take pets, even if they are in a travel kennel.

I had called our cab company the day before to ask if I needed to book a van cab in advance. The cab company said no, just call when you need the cab despite me telling them my need for a van and a pet-friendly driver.

This, of course did not work out for us on the day. We had to call three other companies before getting our van cab which put us forty-five minutes behind schedule.


Arriving at the airport, we had two large suitcases that needed to be checked. WestJet used to give each passenger one free bag to check, but they recently changed it and now it is a $30 charge per bag. Then we each had a carry on. I had a small suitcase that had all the necessities I couldn’t go without for our daughter during the trip, my husband had a back pack and we also had the diaper bag. Not to mention my daughter in her travel system, and Toby in his kennel.

Checking in took a bit of time as Toby, the two pieces of the travel system, and the two checked bags needed their own tags. The woman checking us in was nice, but very slow and didn’t show any reason to hurry despite the growing line behind us. Normally I wouldn’t care about something like this because we got to the airport with what we thought was enough time to go through all the motions, however we were wrong.

After being checked in, we should have hurried right over to the oversized baggage section and put Toby in so they could load him onto the plane. However she didn’t tell us this and told us to proceed to check out regular luggage and then move on to oversize.

With all the lines, we ended up missing out flight!

It was early, I was a little stressed and it didn’t take long for my frustration to kick in. We were bumped from our flight because they refused to check Toby in. It was past their pet check in time. Which, now, I completely get, but having been at the airport for as long as we were, going through all the lines, and waiting for that woman to check us in at a painfully slow pace, I was internally fuming.

All of those annoyances aside, I think it’s important to note that even though we did have to pay for our checked bags, WestJet will gate-check two pieces of infant equipment for free. Which was great because that meant I could use my stroller all through the airport until I got to the doors of the plane and then I could hand it off. The flight attendants are very helpful when you are travelling with an infant.

Our Sunshine was great on the flight. She slept the whole way there, breastfeeding on the way up to ease any discomfort caused by cabin pressure changes.

She didn’t sleep the whole way back, but was still better than I would have expected.

What I will say is that flying with a baby at the newborn stage is the best time to do it. Feeding them always quiets them, you can scoop them up and bring them wherever you want without much fuss or debate, and they sleep a lot. I imagine travelling with a toddler is a different ballgame.

Travelling with a toddler may require a little less equipment, especially if they can walk and you can go without the stroller all together, but honestly, the stroller is a big help moving through the airport, and since they check it for free at the gate, I would bring one along even with a toddler.

All in all, it was not as difficult as I imagined it would be and if I could afford it, I would travel as much as I could with her at this age.


First Birthday As A Mommy

I would be lying if I didn’t say these past 7 weeks have just flown by. I remember the moment I felt my first back contraction as though it were yesterday, and those minutes felt like hours as I walked through the pain, struggling through contractions waiting for my water to break. Now, my Sunshine is 7 weeks old and I am celebrating my 28th birthday.

I have never been the kind of person who enjoys celebrating myself, so birthdays have never really been my thing. I am more of a sitting at home with a book, or a good movie kind of person. Being a mom hasn’t really changed that, but what it did change is my thoughts on this specific birthday.

I am 28. That’s not a huge deal. What is a huge deal is the way I can look back on this past year and the dramatic changes.

I am a mom! That is a huge deal.

Thus far, that has been the biggest change in my life. Moving out, falling in love, even getting married… none of that changed my life as much as becoming a mom did. Saying that now, so close to the beginning of our journey together made me think about how special this birthday actually is.

Even if you don’t like the idea of celebrating yourself, if you’ve recently become a parent do your best to try and make this, and every birthday you have moving forward special. Take time to be appreciated, and loved. So much of your days after becoming a mom or dad will be dedicated to your child/children. Even time spent apart from them will somehow circle back to them.

Try not to get lost. I know that probably seems impossible, especially if you are a new parent like me. It’s overwhelming this early at times, and even though you have this new babe, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone.

You are a parent and that is such an amazing thing! But you are also a person outside of that, and both of those people deserves a day to be celebrated.

So on my birthday, I wish all of you would take the time to celebrate yourselves. Even if only on one single day a year.



It is crazy for me to even think about, but tomorrow my baby girl will be a month old! I’ve been a mother for a month!

With such a big milestone coming up, it’s got me thinking about what people consider the milestones for babies, and how so many parents question what is normal.

Every new parent wonders if their baby is developing on time, if they are falling behind, and hope they are ahead of the curve. An important thing to keep in mind when you have your new bundle of joy, is to just be happy and enjoy your time together. Who cares how soon your best friend’s daughter started rolling over, or when your brother’s son started cooing and making eye contact. We are all on our own journeys at our own pace, and that goes for our new babies as well.

I find I am constantly pulling out my resources and looking up when certain developmental things are normal, but it’s mostly with things I am not sure if newborns should be doing so I know whether or not it is something to bring up with her doctor.

Some of my questions were; “Is it normal for my newborn to snore?

There are a few reasons why a newborn may make noises similar to snoring. One is because there can be a flap in their vocal chords that is loose and their breathing when they are sleeping rattles this flap. It isn’t something to worry about as this usually corrects itself as baby grows. Another reason could be because they are congested.

I try to clean out my daughter’s nose whenever I give her a bath. The warm water seems to loosen mucus and build up in her nose which makes it easier for me to clean it out with that little suction thingy that was included in her bath kit. Normally I can look up her little nostrils and see if there is some build up in there, which will affect the way her breathing sounds.

My daughter does make noises while she sleeps. It sounds more like whining and growling than actual snoring and I find it is completely dependant on her position. When she is propped up, which is a position she likes to be in during the day as she likes to feel like she is sitting up, and falls asleep she sounds as though she is snoring. If I lay her down, her breathing evens out and she gets a little more quiet. However, not completely quiet. She is a really noisy sleeper!

Is it normal for my daughter to look so red and strained?

This is not a constant thing of course, but whenever she gets fussy she gets bright red. The same goes for if she is lying on one side of her face for too long, or if she is pressed against my breast during breastfeeding. Her skin gets as red as it possibly can.

My doctor says this is normal for babies at such a young age with light pigmentation. Their skin is thinner so it’s normal to see their veins and for them to go quite red for the first few months. I blame my pale, ginger husband for this.

What is my newborn’s poop supposed to look like?

My daughter’s poop is always this yellowish/brown and is practically water. It’s so runny that there have been more than a few times when I am covered in poop if her diaper is on the wrong way.

It’s normal for your baby’s poop to be orange/yellowish/brown and pretty watery for the first few months. Their intestines are not fully developed yet so they don’t break down food the same way toddlers and adult bodies do.

For those of you pregnant with a baby girl or ones that have a newborn baby girl, there is going to be a thick white mucus in their vagina. This too is completely normal and because of hormones that will prevent infections from their overly runny, gag-worthy poops.

Babies are supposed to get a certain amount of tummy time a day to strengthen the muscles in their neck, also to give the back of their heads a break. Babies spend a lot of time on their back, especially because doctors recommend you lay your baby on their back while sleeping at night. All that time on their back, can flatten the back of babies head.

Not to worry, because of the smaller, second soft spot at the back of their head, even if baby’s head does flatten it will go back. The bad news is that your baby may need to wear a helmet to help their head reshape if it flattens to a certain point. So remember to give your baby lots of tummy and side time during the day.

I usually lay my daughter on her side after she feeds because she tends to spit up and this way she doesn’t choke on it, she also loves being on her side and it gets a lot of her gas out.

At one month, my daughter already uses her arms and legs to flip herself onto her belly which has made nighttime a lot less restful for me. Why? Well because she moves herself onto her sides and tummy while she sleeps and although she can hold her head up and move her head from side to side, sometimes she lies with her face pressed flat against the bed which worries me because it doesn’t give her a clear passage to breathe.

She also gets quite a bit of gas because she likes to play when latching sometimes. She rubs her face back and forth over my nipple. At first I thought it was a latching problem, but she will break the latch to do it… not sure why. Because of this, she sometimes gets a lot of air in her tummy while she eats.

The build up of gas makes her all red and makes her moan and groan angrily. Moving her little legs in a bicycle motion helps, so does lying her on her tummy or her side.

Back to milestones, I have an app on my phone that asks me if she has gone through certain milestones based on her age. The Ovia Parenting app has milestones categorized first based on age. 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, and 12-18 months. Then it’s broken down again into motor skills, thinking and learning, social, communication, body inside and out, and bathing and dressing. It is set up like a checklist so you can check off your babies accomplishments and milestones. I like it because it lets me know what other children are doing in that timeframe and eases my mind to some of the worries I may have. “Should my kid be doing this?” checks the list… oh… yup. Here it is!

It’s weird because the first month flies right on by. I can’t believe my daughter is a month old! I can’t believe I have been a mom for a month!

New parents, savour every moment because you don’t really realize how quickly time flies. It feels like I just took her home from the hospital yesterday!

I would say I’ve been pretending not to notice, but I honestly haven’t noticed the time passing.

One month!

3 Weeks Old


It’s been 3 crazy weeks since I became a mom to my beautiful daughter! Time has flown by, and I still can’t wrap my head around it all.

As much as I would love to write a long post about all the ups and downs of being a new mom, I am going off of a very limited amount of sleep, my breasts are throbbing because I haven’t pumped yet today, and my mind is complete mush.

And it’s all worth it for this little girl!

I will check in later!



Life is all about changes. We are constantly transforming, growing with every choice we make and every milestone we pass.

At 27 years old, I have been through quite a bit of changes myself. This morning as I lay in bed wide awake, having been woken up for the fifth or sixth time by my beautiful little monster, I thought about how different I was from the little girl I once was. That got me thinking about how different I was from the woman I was a mere ten months ago, before I got pregnant.

Before I got pregnant, I may not have slept through the whole night, but that was because my mind was so busy I couldn’t quiet it enough to get through the night. Now, my mind is completely exhausted, it gets to a point in my day where I can barely remember things about myself. I am up for constant feedings, not because my creativity is running wild and I need to get up and jot something down.

Before I got pregnant all my clothes fit. I could complete thoughts, my body was my own, and I showered every day.

Now, I am sticky, there is dried breast milk under boobs I never had before, I think I may have showered a few days ago but I couldn’t tell you the exact day, I am back to wearing pads which I haven’t worn since high school and still hate, I hot flash every twenty minutes and I am wondering if I am ever going to be the person I was before all this.

Pregnancy was rough. It wore me out mentally. What got me through the last, and hardest month of my pregnancy was the thought that I would have my body back once the baby arrived. I was even naive enough to think I would get my mind back when she arrived as well.

19 days into being a mom and my mind is still complete mush. I haven’t written anything since I got pregnant and even trying to brainstorm out any ideas results in my sitting there staring at the ceiling trying to remember what I am even doing. It’s like my creativity pool has completely dried out and I am going through a drought, which means there is no chance of it refilling any time soon.

My body may look a little bit like my pre-pregnancy body, I will admit that I am happy with the weight I have managed to put on and breastfeeding has taken my belly down substantially. I still have a bit of a tummy and these boobs are always in the way and leaking like faucets. But my body is not mine.

It’s hers.

I am her mode of transportation, her pillow, her milk on demand, her cuddle companion, really anything she needs, that’s what I am for her.

My life is changing.

Here is something you may need to sit down for, new mommies. Change isn’t bad, it’s just different.

When I was pregnant, I was worried about myself mentally, especially once my daughter arrived. Now, as I look at all the things that are changing in my life even through these exhausted eyes, I am a little bit relieved.

I needed to change. We all do, and it’s not up to us when it happens. It’s up to life to change us, and boy, my life has really changed me this past year.

Okay, so my body isn’t mine right now. But I have this beautiful baby girl who relies on me for everything and gives me this new sense of purpose. Every day, even days I don’t get out of my PJs, shower, or comb my hair, I am doing something wonderful. I am being a mom to this little baby.

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Everything in my life seems to be changing, and when I look at my daughter, I know that all that change is worth it.

Any new moms who are going through a rough time because of all these changes, just know that change is good, even if it takes you a little bit of time to realize it!

Hang in there mamas, we’re all in this together.

Taking Baby Home

In the hospital, our daughter was quiet. She whined a little bit and cried when we would lie her down to change her, but other than that she mostly liked to be cuddled up to my husband and I, skin to skin, catching some major Zs.

Once we got her home, we noticed a change in her personality.

She was fussy. She didn’t like the bassinet we had in the room, because, as we would discover later, she didn’t like lying flat on her back. She didn’t like a lot of the little gadgets and gear we had gotten in hopes of her getting a good night’s sleep (and a nice sleep for my husband and I as well.)

Instead of the typical bassinet that she would grow out of in just a few months, we went with a playpen with the bassinet and change table attachment on top. Not only did she not like the bassinet, but she also didn’t like the changing table. We ended up having to bring her into the nursery to use the larger changing table.

Of the things she did like, she liked this Fisher Price rocking chair thingy. I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is called because my brother handed it down to us. It has a base that is supposed to move the seat back and forth, but when we got it, the base didn’t work. However, the legs on the seat itself when you take it off the base are like little rocking chair legs, and she liked the way her body sunk into the seat and how her own movements could make the seat move.

Our thought for bedtime was to remove the bassinet and changing table attachments from the playpen and just sit that little chair in there. That way she was up where I could see her from the bed (and my dog wouldn’t fuss with her being on the floor), and she was secure in the frame of the playpen.

Genius! Or at least I thought.

Nope. As it so happens, the chair was all fine and good during the day, but absolutely unacceptable for bedtime.

She would lie in there for a few minutes before she would wake up and cry. Okay…

Now, all the articles and doctors will tell you that co-sleeping with your baby is dangerous. It increases the risk of SIDS and really should just be avoided all around. Trust me, I have read all the articles, I understand the risk and trauma of rolling over onto your new baby or having your baby tangled up in the sheets. When I was pregnant, I read through those articles and thought to myself ‘What in the world are these people thinking? Just have your baby in a bassinet beside your bed.’

When you actually become a parent, you realize just how ridiculous it is to think things are that simple.

When you are running on empty, and all you want is a mere thirty minutes of uninterrupted sleep, you will put your baby on your chest the way you know they like and doze off completely, forgetting all about those articles.

I am an extremely light sleeper, always have been. I used to wake up when my dog would wake up and move around the room before I was pregnant. Every little coo or deep breath my daughter takes I am aware of, even if I am sleeping. I am also the kind of person who has always slept on my back and doesn’t toss and turn. So the idea of letting her sleep on my chest for an hour while I caught a little bit of shut eye was not even something I thought of as dangerous.

It just made sense.

Over the past eleven days of having my daughter at home, I have noticed things that make her sleep routine easier.

My daughter does not like to wear anything but a diaper when she sleeps. It’s important to test the waters with a new baby, especially when it comes to their sleeping attire. So long as you keep your room a comfortable temperature for baby, there is no reason why they have to wear clothes to bed. If my daughter has so much as socks on her feet when she goes to bed, she will fuss until she gets them off.

My daughter can’t sleep in silence. I think we forget just how noisy it is for babies inside the womb. We assume they will want quiet when they sleep, but in our tummies they hear the constant beating of our hearts, every breath we take, not to mention some of the noises from out in the world are amplified for them in there. They have spent nine months with this constant soundtrack of sound, if you strip away all the noise for them on that first night home, it will be hard for them to settle.

My daughter can’t sleep in complete darkness. I am the kind of person that liked the room pitch black, black out blinds and silence (unless I was listening to my rainstorm sleep sounds). The first night we brought our daughter home, I crawled into bed in the dark and revelled in the silence after spending the past few days in the hospital with no sleep. My daughter however, was not as comfortable as me. She was up constantly, whining and searching for us. The womb is not completely dark either, so most babies do like a small amount of light while they sleep. We decided to go for some dim string lights behind the frame of our bed so it wasn’t so bright for mom and dad but was enough to make our daughter feel comfortable.

My daughter craves skin to skin. Skin to skin is so important to build a bond between you and baby in the first few months they are here. My daughter would curl into my husband and I at the hospital like a cat in the sun and go right to sleep. When she is being overly fussy at night, I take my shirt off and lay her on my chest and she is asleep in mere moments. I noticed she couldn’t initially fall asleep at bedtime without some cuddling. For now, this is okay, but it is something I am going to have to ween her off of as she gets older.

There is no spot in our whole house my daughter loves more than our bed. It has been 11 days since we took her home from the hospital and we have had just as many nights to try and find what works best for her and for us. At the end of the day, there is no spot that puts her to sleep more soundly, than a spot on our bed.

Look, I am not a doctor. I am not telling any new moms out there to co-sleep with their babies. I know the risks, trust me, I do! I am merely being honest with you guys and telling you what works for us.


Regardless of what you decide is best for you, it is going to take some trial and error. If you do decide to co-sleep, make sure to give you baby enough space away from you to be sure you don’t accidentally roll onto your bundle of joy. Also, remove all the blankets from around baby (this above photo was taken before I did all of that). If you have the space on your bed, co-sleeping could work. If you are still too nervous, than maybe you will be successful where I wasn’t.

Good luck either way!

Feel free to get in touch with me and let me know how you are doing with your new baby!