Diaper Blowouts: Is There Any Way To Avoid This Messy Situation?!

A newborn baby’s poop is a dark green, tar-like substance called meconium. It is sticky, icky, and takes some intense wiping to get off the skin. Despite how difficult it is to get off your loved one’s cute behind, it is quite minimal and it can fool first time parents into thinking the diaper situation may not be as bad as you thought.

In about a week, that meconium turns into liquid poop that fills a diaper faster than you thought possible.

At our baby shower, we received quite a few packs of newborn diapers. We weren’t fussy over the brands, we were just happy to have something else checked off the list, especially something we knew would be an ongoing expense.

The newborn diapers are so cute and tiny, it’s hard to think your baby is every that small to fit into them.We had five different brands of diapers to try:

The Honest Company, Parent’s Choice, Comforts, Pampers, Huggie’s Little Snugglers, and Huggie’s Little Snugglers Plus.


A lot of things will factor in to the diapers parent’s choose. Price, ease of use, quality and quantity. I tried to take all these things into account when I purchased diapers for my daughter.

The Honest Company‘s diapers are extremely cute. They come in different designs, all the diapers in the pack varied in style from nautical with anchors and boats, farm themed with animals and barns, and other type of cute designs. As cute as these designs were, and as much as I loved seeing my daughter in them (especially since she is most comfortable in a diaper and nothing else) I had to stop myself from re-buying them for several reasons.

The first and most obvious reason was because these diapers aren’t available everywhere. I tend to do most of my shopping these days at Walmart and Costco, so if it can’t be bought there, in bulk, than I usually strike it from the list. The second reason was that although they are adorable, they don’t have the wetness indicator stripe which it a must for me. Having to peek into the diaper, or undo it to check if she needs a changing is uncomfortable for her, and usually resulted in a new diaper whether she needed one or not because of the tabs.

Parent’s Choice did have a wetness indicator strip, however I found the tabs didn’t always stay where I had fastened them. Also for whatever reason, once she peed (and she usually peed a lot) it would leak out by her legs, seeping into her clothes and wherever she was sitting. I nixed this brands pretty quick.

Comforts was a brand that was given to me for free at The Baby Show. They had a cute design with the alphabet and number blocks on them, and in all honesty they were pretty decent. I just had no idea where to buy them, so again I had to nix them from the list. Research proved that maybe they aren’t available in Canada.

The typical diaper debate usually boils down to Huggie’s vs. Pampers.

I tried both, and have had blowouts in both brands. (My daughter has managed to have a blowout in every brand mentioned above.)


The main reason I didn’t like Pampers was because of the way their diapers are constructed.

The inside of the diapers have this mesh. It separates from the diaper when my daughter pees and seemed to get embedded in her butt or her privates which resulted in an abrasion type rash.

My daughter’s comfort is always the main reason I will buy anything, and this was the only brand that caused her to have a rash or irritability. There were days when I had to peel that netting/mesh away from her butt when I changed her. Not sure what the design is for, but I saw this as a huge flaw.

Huggies is the brand of choice in our house.

I will say that there is a Little Snugglers and a Litle Snugglers Plus and between the two, there may seem like there is little difference but we felt like the differences were enough to bump the Snugglers off the list and stick with the Plus version.

Both have this super absorbant and soft interior that put this brand above all the other’s. When you opened up the diaper, you could see the difference from all the other’s before you even touched it.


Both also have this elastic at the back waistline that is supposed to capture any runaway poop that dare seep up the back (this is a nice thought, but one that didn’t really workout for us). They both have the wetness indicator stripe, and very cute Disney themed designs (Winnie the Pooh for the Snugglers, and Mickey Mouse for the Snugglers Plus).

What made the difference to us was two things. The Plus had the size indicator on the waistband. When you hit the orange, you know it’s time to move up.


The fit was the other selling point. When you hold these diapers up to one another, the Plus seems smaller, even though the weight for the sizes are the same. This is because it is a slimmer design that tends to hug a little better. We found this resulted in less blowouts (it didn’t eliminate them completely).

So to answer the question of whether or not it is possible to avoid blowouts all together? The answer would be no. Unfortunately there are far too many factors. I find there is a difference depending on where my daughter is, if she is sitting or lying down when she goes, whether her back is pressed against something, or how long it has been since she went the last time.

Blowouts are going to happen, and although the diapers can minimize how many you have, we have yet to find one that keeps all her business where it should be. I would suggest always making sure the diaper is on properly and running your fingers along your baby’s legs once the diaper is on to be sure the elastics around the thighs are in the right place.

Sorry parents, blowouts are going to happen even in the best diapers. I would say as important as it is to choose what diapers feel right and fit best, it’s also important to invest in a really good stain remover/pre-treatment!



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