Prenatal Classes

In all the television shows you watch, all the movies where there is a couple going through pregnancy, or even just the mom doing it on her own, there is always a scene where the woman with a huge belly waddles in to a prenatal class. Judging by the size of her belly, one could guess she was around seven or eight months pregnant, nearing the end and coming in to get all the information she can before baby arrives.

In my area, at least, you would be wrong.

I attempted to sign up for prenatal classes the other day. Late, of course because of my husband’s busy work schedule and us wanting to do it together. I was told that I was too far along for the classes and if I wanted, I could do them at home online.


I am too pregnant to learn about delivering and caring for my baby? How could that be?

It was a little frustrating. I mean with my due date being less than a month away, I would guess that now is the best time to take in all that information and I would be able to take all that information with me into my delivery.

There needs to be at least twenty-five days from the end of the class to my due date, that is what I was told. But why?

It is a one day class that takes about six hours to complete. I would understand if it were scheduled weekly, something I needed to attend all the way through to the end for months, but it is one day. The baby is in there today, and will most likely be there by the end of the class, so why the timeline?

In all honesty, I am feeling more than a little overwhelmed as the day draws nearer. As a first time mom, everything I am going through is something that makes my brow furrow and has me questioning what is normal and if everything is okay. Going to these classes would have just been a last piece of mind effort.

I guess my hubby and I are going to fall back on YouTube videos and hope they can provide us with all the information we need.

Isn’t that what people are doing now a days?


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