Baby Shower/ Gender Reveal

When I had found out I was pregnant, I waited until I was five months before telling family, friends, and my work. I was paranoid, I didn’t want to share that information with anyone on the odd chance that I would be jinxing myself and it would all go away. Plus, it was nice to have a little secret just between my husband and I. It was this little thing we shared, just the two of us, something we smiled about, and talked about constantly… It was wonderful.

After we let everyone know we were pregnant, the most common two questions we go were; ‘How far along are you?’ and ‘Do you know what it is yet?’.

It brought up another question for the two of us. When we did find out the sex of the baby, were we going to tell people?

My husband’s mom had suggested to us that we just wait, finding out in the delivery room would be fun. This was an absolute no go for me. I wanted to know, not just because it was impossible to buy gender neutral stuff for the baby, but also because it was driving me crazy referring to my baby as an it. I needed to build a bond, and not knowing just didn’t feel right.

Finding out the sex wasn’t even a question for my husband and I, but sharing the sex with others was. Those first five months, although difficult in some instances, was great for us and our relationship. It was like once we were together, just the two of us, there was this big wonderful secret that flourished more and more every day. We both loved that feeling, even biting the inside of our cheeks to keep from spilling the beans.

Thinking about that feeling made me decide that I wanted to keep the sex of our baby to ourselves. I wanted to reveal it once the baby was born along with the name we’d chosen and it would be something just for us.

Well, as time went on and we found out the sex it became a little harder to keep it a secret. Everyone wanted to know, and we had to be so careful not to accidentally let it slip. I started to use he and her constantly and interchangeably when talking about my baby in hopes of confusing people and throwing them off.

Finally, we faltered. We both decided we would reveal the sex of the baby at the baby shower, since we were having the baby shower middle of August, a mere month before baby was expected to arrive.


image1 (2)

image2 (1)

The theme was Unicorn and I have to say, between the sweets, all the great foods, and the fun games that almost everyone took part in, it was a great time.

The fun really started to jump off for my husband and I when we had to blow up the huge gender reveal balloon and we realized the helium tanks were empty. It took my husband about twenty minutes to blow it up, he was beet red, I was laughing hysterically as he gagged and swayed on his feet light-headed.

We had one huge gender reveal balloon and one twist off popper to reveal the gender of our baby. The balloon was impossible to blow up but we managed and the popper didn’t work and almost took my husband’s eyes out. All in all, it was a successful gender reveal.

So what are we having?


Please visit our twitter page to see the gender reveal video.


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